Make Money in Music

Make Money in Music shows you how to succeed as a musician. Each section includes a five-point scale for difficulty, cost, time commitment, the likelihood of success and income potential. I have personally used these strategies and I provide real-world facts and figures to back them up, giving you an insight of not only what is possible, but what is realistic based on the recent experience of somebody just like you!

You will very quickly see how possible the music career you thought was beyond your grasp has become. The sector-specific sections can be read in any order since they are completely separate. Pick a section that relates to your interests and go for it! The books will show you how I do this full time – showing you how the various income streams build over time as well as working together to increase income from all directions. My annual income from music is triple the income from my last salaried job, and although I am now some ten-years removed from that day job, I hit the two-fold salary multiplier after around 3 years.

We will talk about motivation, and how my ultimate motivation for all this hard work was eventually to be in a position where I could stop doing the day job. There are no get rich quick schemes, scams, tricks or secrets in the Make Money in Music series, just proven strategies and genuine advice from somebody who has been there, and has managed to be successful in the music business, making money in music without being a star! 

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Make Money in Music


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