Without Being a Star - Launched

Make Money in Music Without Being a Star

MMI Music Books is pleased to announce Amazon paperback launch! Make Money in Music Without Being a Star is now available on Amazon as well as via this site. You will find the Amazon sales page HERE. Learn all about the many avenues available to modern musicians to help them better make a living, making them more able to feed a family of four than a large pizza! Teaching, writing, recording, performing as well as mobilising audiences and generating additional sales. The Make Money in Music series lifts the lid on modern musicianship, dispelling the myth that you need to get to the top of the charts or on to MTV to be successful as a musician.

Paperback now available

Available in paperback on Amazon from the 16th October 2017, with the Kindle eBook soon to follow, Make Money in Music empowers the reader to be a success in the modern music industry. Connect with your audience and make use of technology to embrace new opportunities. Be a jack of all trades while you work on mastering a few, worrying about how you’re going to do it when you get there.

And you can do it, just as the author has done it using the methods to make money from music that the ‘Make Money in Music’ series will show you. If you thought doubling your current income with music was impossible, read the book and unleash your creativity and potential!

You can Buy the Book from this site as well of course, as well as joining the discussion on Facebook and Twitter, and read more about the author Here. Making Money in Music has never been more achievable, check out the material on this site as well as the book to get ahead!


Make Money in Music