About MMIMusic

Ren is a UK based multi-instrumentalist, alumni of the University of Nottingham, University of Lancaster, Royal Schools of Music and London College of Music. Working as a pro musician for many years, he has been playing since the age of 8. Having written an Amazon best-selling book in 2015, he decided to combine his passion for music with his love of writing, and the Make Money in Music series is the result…¬†Join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.





Make Money in Music…

Ren is neither a superstar nor a starving ‘artist’. In the ‘Make Money in Music’ series, he explains how he has built a business and secured a good income from music, and how you can do it too!

Working as a Pro Musician

Music downloads are at an all-time high, yet artist income from music has never been lower. How do the Pros make a living from music? Diversification. Find out more here!


Working as a Pro Musician

Real-world advice…

…from a real-world musician. Find out how to Make Money in Music from someone who has been doing it himself for years! Proven strategies to achieve a serious income from music, starting today!

No time like the present…

The strategies in Make Money in Music can start working for you as soon as you’re ready. Fit music around your day job and start making a second income! Build a career and make it your living!